Monday, July 11, 2011

Us In A Nutshell


With the Fun Room to look after, it's a wonder we have anything resembling free time! However, a balanced life is key to any successful extermination and we're always sure to make time for other things.


We try to take meals together every day, and let me tell you, we never run out of things to talk about. Do you stand by the water cooler and discuss last night's game, or the latest silly human blogs? We go over the previous evening's deaths!


Somehow we've managed to squeeze a child in among all our other responsibilities.


Even as a baby he looked just like us! You can see the family resemblance here.


My name was the first thing he learned how to say. Or was it his other parent's name? I can't remember.


In addition to our child, we also kept dogs for a while. From left to right: Carrion, Remnant, and Nurse, all bred from our own stock. In the background is Asphyxia, one of our foundation dogs. And, of course, there's a starving human in the foreground!


Schism, another one of our foundation dogs. Doesn't he look happy in this picture!


Mannequin, our third foundation dog, rolling in the garbage. Sometimes they're not much smarter than humans!


Mannequin with Nurse and Carrion, both her offspring via Schism. This was taken after she finished up with the garbage can.


Asphyxia liked to watch television on occasion.


Remnant's birthday!


Looking pretty by the hot tub.


Our dogs were always thrilled to spend time in the Fun Room. It was a never-ending source of humans for them to chase and bite!


For some reason this looks familiar, but also like it's missing another dog or something. I can't imagine what it reminds me of...

We no longer have the dogs, but they've gone to live with another family who have a huge kennel and their own bloodline. Pyramid Head Jr. is a child now and we can't wait until he's old enough to don his pyramid!

I hope you've enjoyed this look through our photo album "outside" the Fun Room. There's not much to us, really. We're just a laid-back family who love to make new friends.

Especially if you're human. If you are, I invite you to drop by and watch the game on our plasma television and then maybe hit the pool for a while. :)

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